Philosophy of Peace By Piece

Islam enjoins learning from the cradle to the grave. Islam also enjoins a global-mindedness that respects and promotes understanding of people and cultures from around the world. As an Islamic school, PBP strives to fulfill these commands.

PBP’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that every student has the right to the best quality of education available, and that education is a process which encompasses all the experiences students encounter in their school. PBP’s philosophy is also rooted in the belief that classroom instruction is only one small aspect of a student’s educational experience, and that students learn from the behavior and actions of the surrounding adults more than they learn from books. Finally, it is rooted in the belief that students’ knowledge, and pride in their religion and heritage are key to their well-being and success.

It is part of PBP’s philosophy that:
Each student is a unique individual with different needs. The school must be able to serve the needs of each and every student accepted into its programs. The school strives to assist students in the discovery of their individual potential and their own personal worth. The school should encompass a balanced curriculum of Islamic and secular academics, arts, clubs, extracurricular activities, competitive sports and community service opportunities. The teaching of respect and understanding of different religions and cultures enables the students to develop a true sense of global-mindedness that will enhance their interactions with the surrounding community and with the world at large. The school should guide its students in their academic and spiritual endeavors, and help them become well-balanced individuals.

  • Students achieve more when challenged with high expectations.

  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills are essential for the success of students.

  • PBP faculty and staff should all be positive role models for the students.

  • Parents and community members are an integral part of the education process.

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