Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements

Florida law requires every new student enrolled in every school in Florida to be properly vaccinated or have a signed waiver on file at the school. Also, this record must be on a Florida form. Immunization records must show whether the following vaccinations have been administered:

5 doses of DTP ( Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis)

Supplies and Materials Tetanus
Supplies and Materials doses Measles
Supplies and Materials doses Polio
Supplies and Materials doses of Rubella and
Supplies and Materials doses of Mumps, or 2 doses of MMR

In addition to the above doses, children entering or joining 7th grade must complete the following doses:

Supplies and Materials Hepatitis B vaccination series
Supplies and Materials Tetanus-Diphtheria booster.
Supplies and Materials Second measles vaccination or MMR

Any student taking the minimum dose must complete the series within the prescribed time frame. If the immunization record or signed waiver is not on file, the student will not be permitted to attend school by law.


Allergies or Special Accommodations

It is extremely important that the teachers and office staff are aware of any type of allergy or special accommodation a child may have/need. If a child is allergic to any substance, whether it be an insect or food, or medicine, it is crucial for us to be aware of and educated about this matter.

In the case of any allergy or special accommodations, it is required that the parent obtain and submit to the Registrar a doctor's note stating the child's name, the allergy or condition, the accommodation recommendation or requirement, and procedures to follow in case of exposure. Peace by Piece will cooperate with the family to the best of its ability to ensure the safety of the child.

If any child with a food allergy must also provide the school with a list of proper nutritional substitutes for the food item.

Communicable Illnesses

Communicable Illnesses

Piece by Piece To maintain the good health of students and staff, we request that children not be sent to school if they are sick.

In order to prevent large numbers of students from contracting viruses and or infections from other children, Peace by Piece has adopted a Sick Child Policy: Zero-Tolerance which states that any child who is coughing, sneezing has a runny nose or fever should not come to school and may not return to school until either all symptoms are gone or until he or she has a doctor's note stating that he or she is not contagious.

Please call the front office by 9:00 a to let us know if your child is sick. After your child returns to school, be sure to get an excused absence form so he can make up any missed work.

  • Communicable Illnesses

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