Graduation Requirements (24 Credits)

  • English (4)
  • Mathematics (4) Must include Algebra 1 & Geometry
  • Science (3) 2 must have lab; 1 must be Biology; all 3 must be rigorous; a 4th Science credit is recommended
  • Social Science (3) Must include US Government & Economics, World History, & US History
  • Foreign Language (2) Must have 2 full credits, sequential, in the same language; a 3rd Language credit is recommended
  • Physical Education (1)
  • Fine/Practical Art (1)
  • FLVS Online Class (0.5)
  • Electives(5.5)
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Community Service Hours (75) (FAS requires 100)
Junior High

Junior High School Curriculum

Peace by Pieces is committed to providing the most challenging possible curriculum to 6th–9th grade students. The curriculum must fulfill the standards set in the Florida Sunshine State Standards for each grade level. Students are instructed in the following academic subjects: Language Arts (English), Math, Science, Arabic, Social Studies, the Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Art, Home Economics, Physical Education, and Computer courses at various skill levels.

Honor Credit

Our Honors Credit

Peace by Piece's students attend grades 6th–9th. Students are served with a variety of opportunities to develop their personal and social skills, as well as their Islamic values and character.


High school credit will be assigned to Peace by Piece courses that are determined to be at an Honors Level. The standards of the course will be compared to the standards of honors-level courses taught in other famous private schools before this decision is made.

2023-24 Online Admission Is Now Available!